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Samorita Hospital Ltd. is a leading healthcare institution in Bangladesh that offers patients a comprehensive range of medical services. The Samorita Hospital Doctor List is a complete listing of all doctors affiliated with the facility. The hospital was founded in 1984, and since then, it has been providing excellent healthcare services to the people of Bangladesh.

One of the standout features of Samorita Hospital is the availability of specialty units that cater to the specific needs of patients. These include the High Dependency Unit, which provides critical care to patients who require constant monitoring and support. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit also provides specialized care to newborn babies who require immediate medical attention due to premature birth, low birth weight, or other medical conditions.

For patients with heart-related illnesses, the Coronary Care Unit is equipped with the latest medical technology and staffed by highly trained medical professionals. Moreover, the hospital’s ultrasonography and CT Scan – Multi-Slice units are essential diagnostic tools that help physicians diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

The Radiology department at Samorita Hospital is staffed by experienced technicians who use advanced technology to provide accurate radiology services to patients. Similarly, the hospital’s Modern Eye Care unit provides specialized services related to eye care, such as vision testing, corrective lenses, and eye surgery.

Patients with urological conditions can access specialized treatment at Samorita Hospital’s Urology department. The hospital’s Physiotherapy Center also provides rehabilitation and physical therapy services to patients who require such services.

In conclusion, Samorita Hospital Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality healthcare services to patients. The hospital’s specialized units, such as the High Dependency, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Coronary Care Units, are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly trained medical professionals. Patients can also access advanced diagnostic and treatment services, including ultrasonography, CT Scan – Multi-Slice, radiology, modern eye care, urology, and physiotherapy services. Overall, Samorita Hospital is a leading healthcare institution in Bangladesh.


Samorita Hospital Doctor List


In Bangladesh, there is a renowned medical center called Samorita Hospital. A wide range of illnesses are expertly treated for patients at the facility. To meet the patients’ medical needs and requirements, the hospital offers a broad range of professionals with specialities in many different medical fields. All physicians connected to the hospital are listed in full on the Samorita Hospital Doctor List.

The medical specialties that the doctors on the Samorita Hospital Doctor List practice in include cardiac care, ultrasonography, intensive care, multislice CT scans, and many others. These doctors offer their patients expert medical advice to help them successfully manage their medical conditions. The hospital ensures that every physician employed there is a specialist with a high level of training, aptitude, and experience who is capable of managing a variety of complex medical conditions.

Visit the Samorita Hospital Doctor List as soon as possible if you or a loved one needs hospital care. Each physician’s specifics, including their specialization, contact information, and availability, are listed in great detail.




Dr. Md. Abrar Kaiser
MBBS, MD(Cardiology)
Professional consultant, Cardiology,
Samorita Hospital Limited.




Dr. Iftekhar Hossain
Consultant in the dental department of Samorita Hospital Limited.
Dental consultant in Surgery La Dent.
Experience of working as a dental surgeon at Comfort Dental Care in the year for 2 years.
he worked in P & P Dental care for 2 years.




Dr. A.B.M. Kawser
MBBS, diploma in dermatology and venerology
Consultant, dermatology and venerology.
Associate professor in dermatology and venerology,
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College in Dhaka.
He has work experience in well renowned health institutes of Bangladesh, which includes
Chittagong Medical College and Hospital,
Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical college and Hospital
Faridpur Medical College.


Diabetic Specialist


Dr. Saifuddin Ahmend
MBBS, PhD (Japan), CCD (Birdem), post-doctoral research fellow in BIRDEM.
Consultant in the field of Diabelogy.
CEO of Diabetes, Hypertension & Endocrine Centre.




S. N. Shampa
BSC, MSC in nutrition from Dhaka University.
PGCCN in nutrition in India
Expert in the management of obesity, Samorita Hospital Limited
Work experience
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
United Hospital Limited.
Experienced in the field of management of weight-reducing diet, Renal Diet, Diabetic Diet, and Diet for infertility.


ENT Specialist


Dr. Md. Zonaid Rahim
MBBS, DLO, Post graduate training in audiology
Consultant in the field of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
Assistant professor of Audiology at National Institute of ENT in Dhaka.
Specialized training in cochlear implant, mapping f CoI, Hearing aid, BERA


Prof Dr. S.M. Khorshed Mazumder
MBBS, FCPS, MS( Dhaka University) and FRCS.
ENT & Head – Neck specialist surgeon.
Professor of ENT in Holy Family Red Crecent Medical College.
Chamber : Samorita Hospital Panthapath




MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)
MD. (Gastroenterology)-BSMMU
Member of American College of Physician
Consultant Medicine, Liver & Gastroenterology
Samorita Hospital Panthapath


General Surgeon


Prof. Dr. Md. Margub Hossain
MBBS, FCPS, MHPEd, University of New South Wales.
Consultant, General, and Laparoscopic surgery.
Samorita Hospital limited
Professor in the department of surgery at Dhaka Medical College.
Chamber: Samorita Hospital Panthapath


Professor R.A Chowdhury Pervez
MBBS, FCPS (surgery)
Training on Endoscopic and Laparoscopic surgery in Singapore General Hospital in Singapore.
General Surgeon, Laproscopic & Colorectal Surgeon
Vice Chairman of Samorita Hospital Limited.
Professor in the Department of Surgery, Bangladesh Medical College




Prof. Dr. Saleha Begum Chowdhury
Specialist in gynecology & obstetrics.
Attended FIGO, AOFOG, SAFOG, ASPIRE of national conferance, international conferance, and seminars workshops held in the country.
Prof. and Chairman, Dept. of obstetrics in BSMMU.
Experience: 28 years.


Dr. Nargis Murshida Banu
MBBS, MCPS (OBS and Gynae)DGO (in OBS and Gynae)
Specialist in gynaecology & obstetrics.
professional experience of 35 years.
Associate professor and Senior Consultant of Gynae obstetrics,
National Health care network of BIRDEM.
Ex. consultant in Gynae and obstetrics in
Dhaka Medical College Hospital,
Central Police hospital and
Azimpur maternity Hospital.


DR. Jebun Nessa
MBBS, FCPS in physical medicine & rehabilitation, MD
Specialist in Physical Medicine and rehabilitation.
Associate professor,
Shaheed Suhrawardi medical college, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka. She is working there for 7.5 years.


Dr. Nasima Arjuman Banu
MBBS, FCPS (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Advance laparoscopic surgery training in Pune, India
Consultant, Samorita Hospital Limited
Ex. Consultant, Gynecology
Kumudini Medical College of Mirzapur
Enam Medical College of Savar.


Prof. (Dr.) Md. Mahbubur Rahman
MBBS, FCPS (Hematology)
Hematologist, Oncologist
Professor & Head, dept. of hematology NICRH
Chairman, Faculty of Haematology, BCPS.
Chamber: Samorita Hospital Panthapath


Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgeon


Professor Dr. Md. Mohsen Chowdhury
MBBS, FCPS (Surgery)
Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgeon
Professor of Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgeon,
Clinical Fellow, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery/Liver Transplantation Division
National University Hospital (Singapore),
Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgeon,
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Shahbag, Dhaka.




MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD (Gastroenterology)
Member of American College of Physician
Consultant Medicine, Liver & Gastroenterology
For Appointment: 01734324713

Field of Expertise: Hepatology, Internal Medicine


Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon


Prof. Dr. Md. Margub Hossain
MBBS, FCPS, MHPEd (University of New South Wales)
General Surgeon, Laproscopic & Colorectal Surgeon
Professor, Department of surgery,
Dhaka Medical College


Professor R.A Chowdhury Pervez
Training on Endoscopic and Laparoscopic surgery in Singapore General Hospital in Singapore.
General Surgeon, Laproscopic & Colorectal Surgeon
Consultant in the field of General and Laparoscopic surgery.
Professor in the Department of surgery
Bangladesh Medical College


Dr. Abu Taher Md. Ashaduzzaman
MBBS, FCPS (Surgery)
Laproscopic & Colorectal Surgeon
Assistant professor in the surgery department of Dhaka Medical College



Dr. Mostaque Hossain
MBBS, MD (internal medicine)
Consultant in the field of Internal Medicine
Samorita Hospital Limited
Currently Working:
National Institute of Diseases of Chest and Hospital, Mohakhali


Prof. Dr. Kamal Sayeed Ahmed Chowdhury
MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)
Specialist in Medicine.
Consultant, Samorita Hospital Limited.
Professor of Medicine in IBN Sina Medical College.


Prof. M. N. Alam
Specialist in Medicine.




Appointment: 01711-689609, R-08(E), TIME: 6 PM – 9 PM


Dr. Mehruba Alam Ananna
MBBS 1999, Sir Salimullah Medical College
Field of expertise: Medicine, Diabetology, Nephrology
Previous Work Experience: Worked as Medical Officer, Senior Medical Officer & Registrar at Bardem.
Working Areas: Junior Consultant & Assistant Professor, nephrology, Birdem.
Other Medical Degree: FCPS (Medicine), CCD-2010


Dr. Mehruba Alam Ananna
MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), CCD
Field of expertise : Medicine, Diabetology, Nephrology
Previous Work Experience :
Medical Officer, Senior Medical Officer & Registrar at Birdem.
Junior Consultant & Assistant Professor, nephrology, Birdem.




Dr. F.H. Chowdhury
MBBS, FCPS(surgery), MS (Neurosurgery)
Consultant in the field of neurosurgery in Bangladesh.
Experienced in Skullbased microneurosurgery and endoscopic skull based surgery, vascular neurosurgery, epilepsy surgery.


DR. MD. Moajjam Hossain Talukder
MBBS, MS (Neurosurgery)
Neurosurgeon & spinal surgeon.
Currently working in National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital.
Previously worked at DMCH, Malay University ( Malaysia) Kabangsang University ( Malaysia).
He has speciality in spinal surgery-plid, spinal toumor, spinal fixation, cervical myelopathy, etc.
Brain surgery: Toumor, Haemmorrage, V-P shunt, Aneurism, AVM, etc.


Dr. M.H. Shahryer Sabet
MBBS, FCPS, MD (State University of New York (SUNY) in Brooklyn)
Consultant, Dhaka Medical College Hospital,
Sikder Women’s Medical College Hospital.
Labaid specialized Hospital in Dhaka.


Prof. (Brig. Gen) Abdur Rahman Siddiqui, Retd.
MBBS, MD (Medicine), FCPS, FRCP(Glasgow, Scotland)
Fellowship in Neurology.
Specialist in Neurology
Head of the Department of Neurology in Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Dhaka.
Professor in Medicine at Armed forces Medical College, situated in Dhaka Cantonment.








Dr. Md. Mafizur Rahman
MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology)
Vast knowledge in the field of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, and Critical care management.
Vast experience in advanced radiotherapy treatment planning.
Assistant professor in Radiation Oncology
National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital in Dhaka


Prof (Dr.) Md. Mahbubur Rahman
Specialist in haemato- Oncology.
Professor & Head, dept. of hematology
National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital
Chairman, Faculty of Haematology, BCPS


Prof. Dr. Sarwar Alam
MBBS, DIH from NIPSOM, MPhil in radiotherapy
Professor, Department of oncology
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU).


Dr. Mojibur Rahman Khan
MBBS, FCPS (Radiotherapy)
Consultant, Oncology, Samorita Hospital Limited




Prof (Brig. Gen.) M. Anwar Hossain
Professor of Ophthalmology
Armed forces Medical College, Dhaka




Dr. A.T.M. Khaliquzzaman
MBBS(DMC), diploma in orthopedics and Traumatology (AUST)
Fellowship in A.O from Switzerland.
Multiple notable courses: participation in AO- Basic course-Linz, A)-Advanced course- Bangkok, AO- Hand course-Hongkong, AO-CMF-Sydney, AO- Spine- Kolkata.
Professional consultant in the field of Trauma and Orthopaedics at Samorita Hospital Limited.
Ex. Consultant, trauma and orthopedic surgeon, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Iran


Professor M.A. Samad
MBBS, D-Ortho, and M.S in Orthopaedics. Fellowship in Orthopaedics
Consultant in the field of orthopedics in Bangladesh.
Worked in the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR).
Some of his notable works include the politicization of Index, JHR, and TKR.


Dr. A.H.M. Rezaul Haque
MBBS, MS in orthopedics, Fellowship in sports medicine from Singapore.
Orthopedic Surgeon
experience of around 23 years.
worked in BIRDEM, NITOR, CMCH, and also SGH in Singapore.
Assistant professor in Orthopedic Surgery
Uttara Adhunik Medical College Hospital


Dr. Md. Zahidur Rahman
MBBS, Diploma in orthopedics, Masters of Orthopedics, Fellowship in spinal surgery from Thailand.
Specialist in Orthopaedics
Consultant, Dhaka Medical College Hospital


Pediatric Surgeon


Dr. A.K.M. Zahid Hossain
MBBS, MS (Paediatric Surgery)
Associate professor, department of Paediatric Surgery,
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU).
Professional Consultant, Paediatric surgery and Neonatal Surgery,
Samorita Hospital Limited
Vast experience in Paediatric Hepatobiliary Surgery, Paediatric Urology, and Vascular anomalies, throughout his professional and educational life.




Dr. Supratim Howlader
MBBS, MS in pediatric surgery
Specialist in Pediatric Surgery
Worked as a Clinical observer in the department of pediatric surgery
K K Women and Children Hospital, Singapore.
Assistant professor of Dept. of pediatric surgery
Institute of child and mother health(ICMH), Matuail, Dhaka.


Dr. Jahanara Pervin
MBBS, FCPS in Child Health
Consultant in the field of pediatrics.
consultant, Samorita Hospital Limited,
Consultant, 500 bed Mugda General Hospital


Dr. Tofazzal Hossain Khan
MBBS, FCPS, MD on Neonatology
Associate professor, Neonatology Department
Dhaka Medical College Hospital


Physical Medicine


Physical Medicine


Plastic Surgeon


Prof. MD. Abul Kalam BUL KALAM
Consultant in the field of Surgery. Specialized in the field of Plastic surgery.
MHPEd from the University of New South Wales.
Professor, Department of Surgery, Dhaka Medical College,
Consultant, Samorita Hospital Limited.




Dr. Sultana Algin
Working in the field of Psychiatry for the past 15 years.
Associate professor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
Some of her notable participation include WCAP 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, ECSP 2012 in Geneva Switzerland, KOICA in Korea, IACAPAP in Singapore, and WPA fellowship in the year 2008 in Egypt.


Dr. Nafia Farzana Chowdhury
MBBS, MD in psychiatry
Consultant in the field of Psychiatry.
Consultant, Department of Psychiatry
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University


Respiratory Medicine


Dr. Md. Kamrul Alam
Respiratory Medicine

Vascular Surgeon


Dr. Md. Fidah Hossain
MBBS, MS in cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Vascular Surgeon
Consultant, Department of vascular surgery,
National Institute of Cardiovascular diseases (NICVD)


Specializations and Services Offered 


Samorita Hospital is a top-notch healthcare facility that provides a wide range of specialized services. The hospital offers personalized care in various departments, including Orthopedics & Trauma, Dental Clinic, Neurology Services, Clinical Hematology and a dedicated Coronary Care Unit.

When it comes to healthcare, it’s of utmost importance to choose the right doctor for personalized care. The physician-patient relationship is essential, especially in severe conditions such as chronic illness and surgery. Samorita Hospital, with its team of qualified, experienced and compassionate physicians, provides high-quality care to its patients.

In cases of Orthopedics & Trauma, Samorita Hospital provides patients with some of the best surgeons in the region. These surgeons specialize in the treatment of bone and joint diseases, fractures, and other injuries. The hospital’s Orthopedics & Trauma department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

The hospital’s Dental Clinic offers a full range of dental services such as scaling, fillings, extractions and cosmetic dentistry procedures. The clinic’s highly trained dental professionals provide exceptional care to patients.

Patients suffering from neurological disorders can benefit from the hospital’s comprehensive Neurology Services. The Neurology department consists of experience.


Location Of Samorita Hospital


Samorita Hospital is a renowned medical facility located in Panthapath, Dhaka. The hospital uses cutting-edge technologies to provide excellent medical care. 

The hospital takes pride in using cutting-edge technology while simultaneously giving patients sympathetic treatment.

Overall, Samorita Hospital is an excellent medical facility that offers top-notch healthcare services. It is convenient for patients to access due to its prominent location in Panthapath, Dhaka.


Samorita Hospital

Address: 89/1, Panthapath, Dhaka-1215

Hotline:  10674

Phone: 0248117618, 0248117619, 0248115405, 0248116739, 0248117614